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In Memory...


This page is dedicated in memory of Patches and commemorates the horses of Owl Hollow 

who were loved and lost to old age or illness.

Patches...Our Dear Ole Friend


Many years ago, Cathy found Patches in a place littered with old stoves and refridgerators.  Patches was nibbling on what little bit of grass he could find in this environment.  He was beautiful and exactly what she had wanted since her days of watching the Lone Ranger as a child.  She offered to buy Patches from the lady that owned him and promised to come back with her husband Bob after he got off work to pick Patches up.  Rushing home as fast as she could, Cathy ran into Bob's office to tell him what she had found.  He agreed to go back and look at Patches that evening.  


Upon seeing the beautiful horse himself, Bob said it was the perfect horse for Cathy.  Patches had once been a 4-H champion and had even recently won blue ribbons at the Missouri State Fair.  He was so gentle with their  grandchildren that Cathy knew she had a winner.  Everyone who visited the farm loved Patches. He would hear the voice of the children and then nicker and run to the gat to meet them.


In August 2013, when it became apparent that Patches was too sick to live a comfortable life much longer, Bob and Cathy made the difficult decision to lay him to rest.  It was a sad day for all, but they decided to let him go because they all loved him too much to watch him suffer.



It is with great sorrow that we announce the passing of our sweet Sophie in spring of 2014.  


She came to Owl Hollow in October of 2011. Sophie was a 28-year-old Arabian who acted much younger than her age and was a favorite here at Owl Hollow Farm.

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