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In 1998, after the death of Cathy’s first husband, Bob and Cathy’s kids introduced them at a church camp.


Cathy:  I remember feeling like I had no purpose for my life after my first husband died, and then God brought this amazing person into my life.  As it turned out, Bob and I had crossed many times through our children, but we had never actually met until that church camp. Bob was living in Virginia at the time, and I had lived my entire adult life in Missouri. The odds were fairly stacked against us, but it worked because God designed it to work, and we were married in December of 1999.  As it says in Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you…”  Although the early years were tough, Bob supported me in my dreams and in doing so we found our dream of opening this program together. 


Bob: I heard about this program in Oregon named Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch, and I had to tell Cathy about it because I knew this was our calling. Cathy was totally amazed by the Crystal Peaks story as well. They were a free program that helped children in crisis. It was perfect for us and gave our farm a purpose. I had a physical therapy background and had grown up on a cattle ranch. Cathy worked with at-risk youth and had a psychology degree. This is what we are meant to do.

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