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Our Services


Each child that comes to Owl Hollow Farm is paired with a horse and a mentor that best fits their personality and needs. For approximately 60 minutes, the child may groom, feed, ride or just sit and talk to the horse under the constant supervision of their mentor. It is our goal to help the child and the horse become comfortable with this interaction. 


By learning to care for an animal, children learn independence and responsibility and can begin to care for their own emotional needs which may not have been previously addressed. 


We teach nine-week sessions from April through October each year. These sessions are intended to help each participant succeed and learn vital life skills. Your child does NOT need to have special needs to participate. Our program is open to ALL children. 

The total fee for a nine-week session is $180 ($20 per week). All fees collected from sessions go directly to caring for our therapy horses. 

You can hear more about our work at Owl Hollow Farm in this interview with Cathy White featured on Sensational Hope.

Catch up with Cathy and Bob White and the work at Owl Hollow Farm on the Mack and Chuck Video Podcast and Blue Sky Horse Radio.

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