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In The Beginning...

Owl Hollow Farm was built in 1889 by a Civil War general and his family. In 2005 we found it and claimed it for our own. We intended on restoring the small 12-acre farm back to its original condition. Through that process we developed a passion for not only the rescue and restoration of the farm, but a passion for rescuing horses. 


As our herd increased from two to five, we found we could not ride all of the horses like we felt we should, so we began inviting others to the farm to ride. We both talked for hours about the blessings we felt the horses were and how we might be able to help other people as they had helped us. The concept of Owl Hollow Farm was born. We felt this was the purpose God had for us and the farm and were compelled to say “yes” to this calling.


We purchased the adjoining 48 acres to the north of the farm. This property provides much-needed pasture space for grazing, space for an arena, and a wooded area for trail riding and exploring as the program continues to expand. 


In 2010 we began laying out the groundwork for an equine assisted intervention program for children. We started with just seven children off-and-on and by 2013, we facilitated just under 120 sessions for the season. This year we will teach around 500 sessions for approximately 65 children. We can't wait to see how the program will continue to expand and touch lives. 


At Owl Hollow Farm we hope you will be embraced by the peace of this place as we have been for many years.


-Bob & Cathy White

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