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If you are a parent looking for a horse program for your child or an individual looking to volunteer your time in something worthwhile, we think you'll like it here at Owl Hollow Farm. Just listen to what people have to say about us!

From Karen Osborn, Parent


"Owl Hollow Farm is a place that has encouraged tremendous growth in my son, Chase. He used to have anxiety about animals and looking at him today, you would never guess that. He runs around trying to love on the cats at the farm. His horse, Sophie, he loves to ride and asks to ride her almost every day. Riding Sophie, Chase has build such great muscle and balance skills that he has been able to transfer those skills to other activities like riding a bike. In July he was riding an adapted tricycle and had about two months off from working on a bike and with a PT other than working with Bob and the OHF staff. When we put him back on the bike he was able to use a regular bike with training wheels and rides beautifully now. Not only has OHF built up his abilities and confidence, they have welcomed our whole family and have given us so much support. I feel so blessed to have found this wonderful place with such amazing people."


From Kris Stevens, Parent


"Several years ago, my daughter started doing therapeutic riding and I quickly noticed the positive effect it had on not only her, but our entire family as a whole. I am continually amazed at the power of the horse and child relationship and the healing effects on a hurting heart. Our experience at Owl Hollow has been great as our whole family can learn and work together."


From Andrea Wosel, Mentor


"Last year, while searching for a place to teach horseback riding lessons and work with children, I discovered Owl Hollow Farm. Owl Hollow was so much more than I was looking for. The staff is welcoming and the volunteers are dedicated and amazing. I have made so many friends during my short time here and have come to look at everyone at Owl Hollow as family. Owl Hollow opens it's arms to children in need and gives a second chance to horses who have been neglected or forgotten. Here they can find a place of love, trust, respect, and acceptance. The changes in their clients lives are profound."


From Danielle Wilhelm, Junior Team Member


"I was asked to tell of my experience with OHF and how it has affected my life and I've been sitting here for quite some time trying to think of a good way to explain it. It's hard because it's not just the volunteer job I was expecting when I first came to Owl Hollow. It's been so much more. The staff have helped me come out of my shell when my own family didn't make the attempt, and you know, everyone at OHF has proven to me that you don't need to be blood related to be a part of a family. You go there and the whole place just fills you with a welcoming and warm feeling. Bob and Cathy are the aunt and uncle I have always wanted. Herve is probably one of the sweetest people I will ever meet, and all of the mentors have taught me more than I thought I would get to learn. Not to mention, I have met some pretty cool kids. They have done more for me than I can ever repay with mucking out stalls. The people at Owl Hollow have effected my life in a way that I will never be able to forget, not that I would ever want to."

Why I Chose to Mentor at Owl Hollow


Hello, my name is Herve' Dubois. I come from Switzerland: the country of chocolate, cheese, cows, mountains and watches.

Interstingly enough, I am a watchmaker, was born on a cow farm in the mountains and I love chocolate and cheese!  (But not together!)  My hobby is horseback riding- English style.


I found out about Owl Hollow Farm by an interesting way.  It all began with a friend who moved from Canada to live in Switzerland to work as an English teacher.  She told me a beautiful story about a woman in Oregon named Kim Meeder, from Crystal Peaks.  I watched an internet video about  Meeder.  It is my dream to work with horses and children.  But I know it is all in the hands of God.  With the help of my friend, I made an application to work at Crystal Peak Youth Ranch.  I was turned down, but was told that I could find other programs in the US with the same concept.


Again, with my friend's help, I sent 15 emails to different states all over the US.  I received four answers, and in that four, three came from Missouri!  After different exchanges, we found Owl Hollow Farm.  What was so very important to me about the farm I would work for was: that they would be Christian, they would have a position for me and that I would be able to sleep in the same place.  Owl Hollow was an answer to prayers!


I spent a lot of time with God, searching for what He wants for me and asking Him to show me His plan for me.  I watched, one by one, as God opened the door for all!  Thank you, Lord Jesus Christ!  You are the best; you are my Savior and my King!  Now I know, I can put all my trust in You and with that, I say Alleluia! (Edited for comprehension)


Herve Dubois - Interim Mentor

(Herve returned home to Switzerland in December of 2013)



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