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Our Vision


Our vision in creating Owl Hollow Farm  was to build an organization that is a powerful part of the community. Many times families are broken and children fall through the cracks of our education and social services systems. Other times children just need a loving and accepting environment to begin the heal the scars that are not visible to the outside world. This is what we endeavor to provide at OHF.


As parents, grandparents or caregivers of children, many adults find themselves in stressful situations.  Our goal is to be that light that shines forth to bring you peace and reassurance that whatever situation you may find yourself in, there is comfort and healing for that child and your entire family.


God laid this work upon our hearts several years ago and with that as our foundation, we moved forward.  We began with twelve acres and the farm house which now houses our offices. Looking to the future, and anticipating the need to acquire more horses to support the program, We purchased the adjoining 48 acres to the north of the farm. This property will provide much needed pasture for grazing, space for an arena, and a wooded area for trail riding and exploring as the program continues to expand. 


At Owl Hollow Farm we hope you will be embraced by the peace of this place as we have been for many years.



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